How we can help your dog

Canine Physical Conditioning and Massage Therapy

Physical Conditioning Sessions

We offer different levels to cater for all fitness and ability levels. These classes are for up to eight dogs and range from helping dogs suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia and other conditions, keeping fit and losing weight to agility, flyball and CaniCross dogs wanting to build up strength, flexibilty and endurance.

These classes include a warm up, exercises to work on your dog’s strength, balance and endurance, interval speed training and finally a cool down.

Normally charged as a course of four sessions at £50 (so this works out at a very reasonable £12.50 per session).

One to One Fitness and Rehab Sessions

Many dogs go through life suffering with conditions like osteo arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, Osteochondritis Dissecans and spondylosis. They also have surgery to correct issues such as cruciate ligament disease, spinal problems and disc disease to name a few. To achieve best quality of life post surgery, dogs can really benefit from rehabilitation therapy to stimulate nerve paths and re-educate their joints and muscles to what they are capable of doing and what is the correct way for them to move. This also reduces the risk of long term compensation problems.

These individual sessions, of which the first is 1.5h and subsequent sessions an hour include taking the dog’s history, an initial assessment and the first set of exercises to get you going. We'll also recommend a selection of exercises for you to do with your dogs at home. After six weeks there is a follow up session to assess how you have progressed and you will be given new exercises. It is important to not continuously work on the same level but to increase the level of difficulty over the weeks. If you prefer to come and work with the therapist on a more regular basis, then this can be arranged.

First consultation (90 minutes): £45
Subsequent consultations (60 minutes): £40

These sessions are run both in Whitesmith and Haywards Heath. If your dog has difficulties in travelling, the therapist can make a home visit at the additional cost of mileage.

Myotherapy Massage Treatment

What is canine myotherapy? In a nutshell: sports massage! Anyone who has had a deep tissue sports massage will know how beneficial it is for both short and long term muscular and physical issues. By manipulating muscle tissue with various techniques, the stiffness and tension can be released giving the dog pain relief and better mobility. Myotherapy can be an important part of managing painful and long-term conditions like osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia and spondylosis to name a few. For your dog to receive treatment a consent form is required to be signed by your veterinary surgeon as per the Veterinary Surgeons Act of 1966. This act is in place to ensure your dog gets the best possible care from qualified therapists, so that all professionals involved know what treatment is given.

The first consultation tends to be 1.5 hours as the therapist takes your dog’s history and you discuss your dog’s case. The massage treatment, although gentle and on the dog’s terms, can make your dog very tired and he or she will need to rest for up to three days afterwards. Any home advice will be discussed during the consultation. We recommend three or four treatments one week apart at the beginning to get the best result and release muscular tightness and a follow-up session in six weeks’ time to ensure your dog is improving. If there is no change or improvement in your dog after the three treatments, there could be an underlying, undiagnosed issue and the therapist will refer your dog back to the vet for further investigation.

If you think your dog would benefit from massage, call Pia or Teresa. The treatments are offered in Whitesmith and Haywards Heath. If your dog has difficulty travelling, then the therapist can make a home visit at the additional cost of mileage. To get a consent form for your dog, you can either email Pia or Teresa or download one from here (consent is therapist specific):

First consultation (90 minutes): £45
Subsequent consultations (60 minutes): £40

Combined exercise and massage session (two hours): £55


A workshop is a great way to spend a day with your dog and learn. We run practical workshops like ‘The Canine Athlete’ and ‘Physical Conditioning’ or we can tailor a workshop to your specifications. We run both half day sessions lasting up to three hours and full day sessions of six hours.

To see when our next courses are running, please visit our news page

We offer training in:

- How to massage your dog using several different techniques.
- How to warm up your dog with massage and dynamic exercises before an event and how to do the after-event cool down.
- Fitness and therapeutic rehabilitation exercises for dogs of all abilities and disciplines.

You can combine any elements to make a workshop that suits you. We are happy to travel to you if you want to run the day at your dog club or have a group of friends who are interested to participate.

The Canine Athlete - Warming your dog up and down before training and competing.

This half day workshop teaches you how to prepare your dog with both massage and an active dynamic routine prior to training and competing. Included are also useful core strength exercises and we finish with a calming massage and gentle stretches to warm the dogs down.

The day includes:
- Short theory on why warming up and down is so important
- Massage techniques to ensure all your dog’s muscles are warmed and ready for action
- How to dynamically prepare your dog
- Exercises to activate the dog’s muscles before an event
- Warm down and gentle massage techniques to improve on your dog’s muscular health

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: £40 per person

Physical Conditioning for the performance dog

In this workshop you will learn how to use exercises to strengthen your dog’s muscles and increase the all important core (abdominal and back muscles) stability to enable your dog to move in an optimal way. Whether your sport is agility, flyball or showing, muscular balance is important for those tight turns, drive from the hind legs and impressive extended gait to impress judges!

The day includes:
- A warm up massage to prepare your dog’s muscles for action
- A selection of strengthening exercises to work on your dog’s balance, flexibility and endurance
- A warm down and gentle massage to sooth post-exercise tired muscles.

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: £40 per person