Canine Physical Conditioning and Massage Therapy


We, Pia and Teresa, started The Balanced Dog as we firmly believe in the benefits of physical exercises to dogs, whether they need help with rehabilitation or fitness and performance enhancing. By combining massage treatment and specific exercises, we can address a variety of issues in your dog.

In these group classes we work on the dog’s core strength, muscular development, stamina and coordination. The classes are suitable to dogs of all fitness levels whether you want to get active together with your dog or you are looking to increase your dog’s sporting performance.

These sessions focus on your dog’s individual needs. If you are looking to work on increasing your dog’s strength and body confidence or want rehabilitation exercises for your dog post injury or surgery, then we tailor a programme specific to your dog.

Myotherapy is like sports massage for dogs. If your dog is stiff, lame, suffering from osteoarthritis related conditions or not performing as well as they used to, then this deep tissue treatment is a great way to help your dog’s mobility.

Would you like to have a day of learning how to massage and do exercises with your dog? We run massage and exercise workshops and are happy to tailor the day to your requirements.